Daily Deal Drops

Creating an appealing visual identity for the new annual offer program at McDonald's Canada.

The Challenge

McDonald's introduced Daily Deal Drops as a 360 digital campaign to new and existing users of the McDonald's App.

The Approach

We needed to create a standalone visual identity for a new program run by McDonald's, introduced in April 2021. The new program had to work as part of McD's but have its own flair and look and feel. We used the black colour to increase the visibility and hero our food and created a series of assets that worked together as part of the McDonald's family in the digital environment. The black serves to elevate our food photography and although feels somewhat unfamiliar to McDonald's it does a good job of acting as a background to make our food stand out.


Art Direction

Identity Design

UX Design

UI Design

Visual Design

Packaging Design


Accounts: Andrea Stranges, Erika Streisfield, Gillian Craig | Creative Direction: Jacob Greer, Jenna Anderson, Nicole Ellerton | Design: Jenna Anderson, Thiago Santarem | Development: Jeff Maynard, Julia Kim, Renzo Fernandini

Identity Design

UX Design

Packaging Design

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